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Lovely update from Kimberly (Haimsohn) Gehan. Echo went to his new home in Menlo Park on Tuesday (9.5 weeks). Report back is that he is the sweetest puppy and has the most wonderful temperament. They took him to downtown Menlo Park today to an event for their schools. He met so many people and was sweet and calm and comfortable the whole time. It was fantastic socialization for him, and fun for all. Potty training is going well. He is learning that one part of the yard is the place to do potty. No accidents inside. He went to his first puppy class on Thursday and did great. It was a chance for him to meet other puppies and practice some basic things (sit, down, etc.). His new name is Sundae. The kids call him “Sunny” His “racehorse name” is “Here Comes the Sundae.” That is a pretty good racehorse name, if I say so myself. Registered name: HoneyCreek Tibicinan & Ashlyn Ace of Hearts.

Congratulations to Paul and Sherri Spears Gendron. Tucker has transitioned beautifully into his new home in Walnut Creek, CA. Check out the video of Tucker (now known as Bandit) on a walk today around Heather Farms. Sleeping through the night (until 6:30am), not having an accident in the house and walking happily on leash. So proud of this litter. Sherri is interested in having Bandit be a service dog.

Congratulations to Cynthia Bessonen and family on their new family member HoneyCreek Tibicinan & Ashlyn King of Hearts now known as Mikko. Mikko lives in Santa Rosa. Here is Mikko after a win with Cynthia.

Very proud of Fuego. His new mommy flew in from New Orleans to celebrate picking up Fuego by having her children join her at Calistoga Ranch for a few days, then a visit to Sausalito, CA followed by an overnight in San Francisco before a flight to New Orleans. Received daily reports that Fuego has not had a single potty accident, has slept through the night, and is curious and brave about all new surroundings. My heart is full.

Col. Cyril Colwell

American Kennel Club Library

Col. Cyril Colwell, in his famous white cashmere suit and Stetson, walking a trio of Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers — whose red coat contrasted with this outfit surely would have been a sight to see! Since spotting his first “Little River Duck Dog” in 1923, Colwell devoted much of his life to propagation of the breed, its documentation, and its ultimate recognition by the Canadian Kennel Club. In 1936, Babe Ruth repeatedly visited their native Yarmouth County to go duck hunting, and it is believed his positive encounters with Tollers spread word of the breed to the United States. Colwell also made many 8mm movies featuring his dogs, particularly Rusty, who not only hunted with Ruth but sired some of the first CKC registered NSDTRs. He wrote, “What greater sportsmanship could be exemplified than to hang up our scattered guns and archery equipment, just take along a good tolling retriever, a lunch, tidbits for the dog, and an amateur motion picture camera… Then, on a cold winter’s night, when the fireside is cozily dying down and a doubting hunter calls, show him on a silver beaded screen the kind of sportsman you are. The result will be more admirers of this amazing breed of dogs and next season we will have more ducks, dogs, and cameras and fewer guns. What a happy solution towards the preservation of two of our national resources, our dogs and our wildlife.”

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