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Denari/Trinity puppies…… ALL PUPPIES ARE PLACED

Honey Creek-Sierra Litter

Congratulations to Denari and Trinity. Beautiful puppies born 20.01.2019
2 Black & White girls, 1 White & Black boy, 2 Black & White boys, 1 Black boy

Sire: GCH Tibicinan Re Di Denari
(Ch Qanda Lhi’s Chagpori x Elisei Of Darkness)

Hips Good, Elbows 0/0, PL 0/0, Eyes clear
Clear of PLL, NCL, PRA3 & RCD4 CHIC

Dam: GCH HoneyCreek Tidewatch & Ashlyn Return to the Heart -Trinity-
(GCH Fabulous Teddy’s I will Return x GCH Pandam Ashlyn’s Meeka at Honeycreek)

Hips Good, Elbows 0/0, PL 0/0, Eyes clear
Clear of PLL, NCL, PRA3 & RCD4 CHIC

Beautiful and accomplished parents. This breeding will produce kind, confident, strong, and affectionate Tibetan Terriers that will perform in the conformation ring as well as the performance ring.

Feel free to contact Amy Soderman for information on this litter.

Trinity/Denari Puppies

Sierra/Denari Puppies….ALL PUPPIES ARE PLACED

Puppies were born 10.04.2018, 2 handsome boys & 8 beautiful girls!

Honey Creek-Sierra Litter

Sire: GCH Tibicinan Ri De Denari – Denari –
( C.I.B IT & FI & SI CH EUW-10 Qanda Lhi’s Chagpo-Ri x Pam-ZHE W-11 HEJW-11 Elisei Of Darkness)

Hips Good, Eyes clear, BAER tested
Clear of PLL, Clear NCL, PRA3 & RCD4

Beautiful structure and temperaments

Dam: Ch Honeycreek Tidewatch & Ashlyn Return to Sierra Snow -Sierra- (GCH Fabulous Teddy’s I Will Return x GCH Pandan Ashlyn’s Meeka at Honeycreek RN ROM)

Hips Good, Eyes clear
Carrier of PLL, Clear NCL, PRA3 & RCD4

Denari Sierra Puppies
Denari Sierra Puppies


Honey Creek Kennel Announces Puppies: Denari & Meeka Puppies (Sept 2017)

Puppies were born 15.09.2017, 6 handsome boys & 2 beautiful girls!

Tibetan Terrier 2016 National Specialty Best of Winners & Best Puppy, group placing CH Tibicinan Re Di Denari Owner: Amy Soderman

CHTibicinan Re Di Denari x ROM GCHPandan Ashlyn’s Meeka At Honeycreek RN. Tibetan Terrier 2014 National Specialty People’s Choice, group winning, dam of 2017 National Specialty Bred By Exhibitor and Best of Winners GCH. Pandan Ashlyn’s Meeka At Honeycreek Owners: Amy Soderman & Ron Jaramillo.

Denari Meeka Puppies


Beckham and Meeka Nov 2015

Beckham and Meeka Pups  Nov. 2, 2015

Rusty and Zina May 2018


Honey Creek Tibetans and Tollers